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Who Is Dalida:

Dalida was originally called Yolanda Gigliotti; the only girl of an Italian family which moved to Egypt to escape the terrors of the world war.
Dalida remained in Egypt for 20 years then headed to Europe to chase her dreams carrying the title of "Miss Egypt" in her pocket.

Paris was the city which gave her glory and fulfilled all of her dreams of fame and success but not personal happiness.
Dalida loved three men in her life:
1. Lucien Mourice 2. Luigi Tenco 3. Richard Chamfray who all died committing suicide and leaving her behind.

At the age of 54, on the 3rd of May 1987, loneliness became unbearable for Dalida and she decided to put an end to her life by taking a big quantity of sleeping pills.

These days, Dalida is considered as a legend (of course among those who like her) because she sang what other people couldn't say, was the first woman to receive Golden, Platinum and Diamond disc awards, and also sang in more than 7 international languages including: French, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Flemish, Greek, Spanish, and Japanese, which means more than 700 songs in her discography.

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