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Catherine Rihoit wrote the official biography of Dalida with the help of her brother Orlando. Based on that book, director Joyce Bunuel was inspired with the events that took place in Dalida's life and decided to turn her life into a movie in order to be understood by the generation who prefers the 7th art to reading.

Orlando took place in choosing the actors and the chronological of the events.
The film starts in 1935 in Choubra; the traditional Egyptian street where Yolanda Giliotti was born, passing by the sad events of her childhood.
The first volume concentrates on the "Making of the star", especially when she meets Bruno cocatrics and Lucien Morisse who help her step into the world of show business.

Those who are expecting to see Alain Delon and other stars who were friends of Dalida might be disappointed since this movie concentrates only on the personal side of Dalida's life and not the diva one.

One of the most touching scenes is when Dalida finds Luigi Tenco dead in his hotel room; Sabrina Ferilli gave a great effort in that scene.
Definitely, the second volume of the movie is more breathtaking than the first one since it visualizes one of the dearest periods to my heart; the 70s.
The cute love story between Dalida and Richard Chanfrey is like a piece of cake in that film. We see how Dalida becomes greater and by the years accompanied by Richard who is always jealous of her success and the fans' looks.

The suicide scene at the end of the movie is absolutely a sad one with so much excellence in performance accompanied by "Je suis malade" which was kept until the end of the movie on purpose.

The songs choice is very good. Fans will recognize additional sounds to the songs in the movie, especially in "Laissez-moi danser".
The only complaint is the abandoning of many nice songs that would have given a better taste for the movie such as "Helwa ya baladi", "Que reste-t-il de nos amour" and "Parole Parole".
Dalida's non-French songs were completely ignored; such a sad thing for an artist who sang in 10 languages.

The film goes too slowly at the beginning and starts to run in a fast forward after the beginning of the 80s. Dalida's achievements in the 80s are completely hidden. Was it by mistake or on purpose? I don't know.

Download clipIf we want to discuss the actors performance, I must admit that I am a bit disappointed with the choice of Sabrina Ferilli to play Dalida; there can barely be a physical resemblance, put aside the obvious lip-synching. Sabrina is not thing, meanwhile Dalida was skinny. The actress does not speak French, and was dubbed from Italian to French which was not necessary since Dalida spoke Italian occasionally, not always, even at home.

The choice of Lucien Morisse was very good. Arnaud Giovaninetti, in the role of Orlando, is extremely excellent because he was able to capture the soul of Dalida's brother with all its details from the accent to the smallest gestures that real Orlando does. maybe Sabrina should have practiced imitating Dalida more because she had no idea about her before the making of the movie.

The decors and the atmosphere are very cozy with all the beauty and the grandeur of Paris and its natural views. Rating: 3/5 Could have been better with the participation of Glenn Close in the role of old Dalida.
Putting aside all the errors and the negative points of the movie, it is always a nice experience to go through the private life of an icon, especially after reading a biographical book about her.

DVD features:

The "Dalida" movie comes in a double DVD edition with a great picture quality (9 MBPS) with two audio options: Stereo + 5.1 Dolby surround.
The DVD includes
no subtitles which I consider as a negative point. the only bonus feature is "The making of".
As a petit cadeau, I translated a small scene for your pleasure. It's in the middle of this page. Enjoy!

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