Dalida's juke box (Live albums):

Live au Palais Des Sports

◊ Live au Palais Des Sports:

Who hasen't heard about the 1980 spectacular Palais Des Sports show that ran for 2 weeks? The show was a big success, but unfortunately, it is no longer available on CDs, but you are lucky because I have uploaded all of it for you all to listen and enjoy.

Download here ----> Part 1 - Part 2

Track list:

CD 1:

01. Intro Musicale In The Stone
02. Je Suis Toutes Les Femmes
03. Pour Ne Pas Vivre Seul
04. Le Lambeth Walk
05. Comme Disait Mistinguett
06. Alabama Song
07. La Vie En Rose
08. Quand On N'A Que L'Amour
09. Sketch Le Paravent De Dalida
10. Il Faut Danser Reggae
11. Gigi L'Amoroso
12. Gigi In Paradisco

CD 2:

01. Mon Frere Le Soleil
02. Avec Le Temps
03. Salma Ya Salama
04. Monday Tuesday Laissez Moi Danser
05. Money Money For The Love Of
06. Il Venait D'Avoir Dix Huit Ans
07. Je Suis Malade
08. Ca Me Fait Rever


Olympia 71

◊ Olympia 71 (LP version):

I present unto you the complete Dalida's concert at the Olympia theater in Paris in 1971.
The show had run successfully for two weeks and there's another recorded version of this concert available on a CD, but this one is the concert of the opening night. Why the opening night? Simply, because Dali's voice was so relaxed and clear.

This version has been converted from the big LP that I have which is much better as a sound system that the CDs, so I hope you'll enjoy this concert as I had, For me, "Chanter les voix" and "Les choses de l'amour" are the masterpieces of the entire concert.

The MP3 file is of a very high quality (320 Kbps), (Total size: 92 MB in total)

Download here ----> Part 1 - Part 2

Track list:

01. Intro
02. Non
03. Chanter les voix
04. Hene matov
05. Tout au plus
06. Toute les femme du monde
07. Les choses de l'amour
08. Ils ont changé ma chason
09. Une vie
10. Avec le temps
11. Ciao amore ciao

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