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About me:

OK, there we go. My name is Anas; and I'm the owner of the site www.dalida.co.nrGuestbook
I live in Damascus, Syria; a beautiful oriental country which is next to Lebanon. I was born in 1986, so as you may say I'm young for being attracted to the old stuff such as art during the 60's and the 70's.

For me, that period knows no time or age, because beautiful art remains eternal, meanwhile, nowadays, you see a song being released, it finds a huge success internationally, and in a time of one or two years maximum, It would fade away or become forgotten.

This is the thing that Dalida and the classic singers, such as Claude Francois, Demis Roussos, Enrico Macias and many others, were able to conquer.

My passion for Dalida's works and records started in the year 2006; I know I'm not that old fan like those who collect her recordings, books, and videos since the early 80's or even before, but I think that what I was able to achieve in terms of devotion and discovery of this artist's world is impressive, at least for the people around me.

Dali helped me a lot with my French, but still, I don't pronounce the letter "R" the way she does, haha, but It was a very fast way to improve my French language which I started learning in 2004.

So, what's the purpose from this site?
The videos? No. The MP3S? No. The pictures? Still not my concern.
My main point is that, throughout the whole international world web, there's no single fan site dedicated to Dali in English. All of the fan websites are mainly in French or Italian, but why? That woman deserves to be known in the English world (i.e. USA and UK).
Many American people that I met, didn't know about Dali at all, but they became fans as soon as I introduced her to them.

My other purpose is to make Dali known in the Arab world as well. Unfortunately, she's only known for her Arabic songs here and for "Je suis malade", but Dali is more than that; she has more than 1000 songs recorded in all languages in her discography, so to some people in the Franco-Arab world, she is as important as Fairouz.

Basically, at my work, there are 3 artists who never leave my PC: James Last, Fairouz, and Dalida. And believe me, I enjoy my work and I go back home relaxed.

I hope I'm doing a good job that's making you, fans, happy, so I would really appreciate if you would sign my guestbook to provide me with your feedback.

Yours sincerely,


Created by Anas since 2008 - Damascus/Syria